Site Architecture

Home, About, Portfolio and Contact are on the first level.

Restoration and the other Category Pages are on the second level. There are currently eight categories.

Hampton Mansion and other Project Pages are on the third level. There are numerous project pages.

First Level:

  • Home
  • About
  • Portfolio
  • Contact

Second Level:

  • Portfolio (main page)
    • Restoration (category page)
    • Residential (category page)
    • Planning (category page)
    • Park (category page)
    • Fine Art (category page)
    • Commercial (category page)
    • Worship (category page)
    • Institutional (category page)

Third Level:

  • Portfolio (main page)
    • Restoration (category page)
      • Hampton Mansion (project page)
      • Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Casino (project page)
      • New Jersey State House (project page)
    • Residential (category page)
      • project pages
    • and so on . . .